Jordy Meow - Japan & Haikyo Photography
Gunkanjima: Teleconic
WTF, Kids?

Jordy Meow

French Photographer & Software Developer living in Japan.

Jordy was born in a small seaside town in the south of France which you have never heard of so let’s just say Bordeaux, it’s close enough. He studied some topics completely unrelated to photography in Paris and China but he forgot to take any photos of those places so it doesn't matter much. Eventually, he moved to Japan where he became deeply involved in the urban exploration (also known as haikyo) subculture. It was during this time that his hobby of photography really matured and his work took on a level of quality such that people other than his mother might want to look at itHis adventures can be read on his website called Totoro Times. Don't miss his series of articles about the abandoned island of Gunkanjima, his favorite place ! 

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